November 05 2016, Owerri: – FINCA Microfinance Bank received an award as Microfinance bank of the year 2016. The award is for individuals and businesses operating in Eastern Nigeria. This award was presented to the Chief Executive Officer during the 3rd edition of Eastern Nigeria Merit Award 2016 at Owerri, Imo State. This is a back to back win for FINCA, who won the best Microfinance Bank of the year 2015 during the 2nd edition of the award.

The chief organizer of the award, Prince I.K Ben Okereke said that this award is for individuals and organizations that make positive impact in the society and they strive to encourage excellence and professionalism. He went further to say that when they heard about FINCA in Owerri in 2015, under the category of Microfinance bank, his team carried out a research and monitored FINCA’s activities for over a period of time and interacted with the customers. This year, they carried out another research. Based on their findings they concluded that FINCA is still a legitimate and socially responsible microfinance bank that is committed to its mission of genuinely serving those at the bottom of the pyramid to enable them grow and improve their livelihood unlike the other financial institutions that focus on the very rich clients.

Reacting to the award, the Chief Executive Officer, who was duly represented by the Marketing Manager, Dennis Opara, expressed profound gratitude to the organizers of the award and that FINCA is a microfinance bank that has come to change the face of banking with its unconventional approach to banking with focus on those at the bottom of the pyramid, those underbanked and unbanked. FINCA is poised to be the community bank that will touch all lives. He went further to state that FINCA will expand to other parts of the state and other states of Nigeria in the near future. Our clients can now enjoy unlimited access to FINCA’s services through its agency banking network known as FINCA eXpress. FINCA’s agency banking will provide unlimited, secured, reliable and convenient access to financial services to its clients. FINCA Nigeria will continue reaching low income Nigerians, microenterprises and small businesses that need access to socially responsible financial services. Clients can withdraw and make deposit into their accounts, repay their loans, check and print off their bank balances, print their bank statements, transfers funds from their FINCA account to other FINCA accounts without paying for these services or leaving their businesses.

He went further to say, “To the Nigeria market, FINCA will continue to offer simple but innovative financial solutions – savings, term deposits, and loan products – to help our clients effectively manage their money, develop savings culture, save for the future and grow their businesses. The FINCA value proposition is delivered in the most customer centric manner and all in line with our mission.

About FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd Nigeria

FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd. is a leading microfinance bank in Nigeria, operating in the country since 2014. The bank provides a full range of financial services to more than 19,000 active clients through its branches in Owerri-Imo State, clients has accessed over ₦2.2 billion in loans and over ₦340 million in voluntary savings.

FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd. in Nigeria is part of the global FINCA microfinance network, serving nearly 2 million clients in 23 countries, with a double bottom line of financial sustainability and social performance.