Give Your Children Access to Quality Education

The School Fees Loan is a short term loan that is intended to facilitate the prompt payment of school fees by parents and guardians for their children and/or ward’s educational needs such as tuition fees, uniforms, books, meals , school bus among others. The loan is structured that the children’s school must not necessary have account with FINCA for the parents or guardians to access this loan.

Why should you apply for this loan?

  • This loan ensures that your children never miss one a day at school because their fees are paid promptly.

  • Pay for all your children hassle free.

  • Does not restrict you from taking business loan.

  • Very easy to access with flexible collateral.

  • Insurance cover for life and disability.

  • Gives peace of mind because the entire session fees is paid for.

  • The interest rate is on reducing balance.

  • No upfront savings.