Classic Savings Account

Secure paths to your financial goals

Our Classic Savings Account provides the secure support you need to reach milestones conveniently.

Secure Futures, Effortless Savings

We offer the account tailored to shape your well-being.

  • Maintenance Fee-Free
    Experience seamless banking with zero maintenance charges make your financial journey hassle-free.

  • Access FINCA Express
    Bank on your terms with free access to FINCA eXpress, ensuring convenience in your banking experience.

  • Unlimited Deposits
    Enjoy the freedom to save as much as you want with unlimited deposits that let your savings grow endlessly.

  • Automatic Transfers
    Simplify your life with automatic transfers – your money moves effortlessly, exactly when and where you want it to, ensuring a streamlined and efficient financial experience.

Effortless Banking Begins Here

Initiate your banking journey effortlessly with a straightforward process, ensuring you start saving sooner without any hassle.

  • Age Criteria
    Unlock financial backing at 18 or older, ensuring steadfast support for your aspirations.

  • Business Activity
    Your business must be active for a minimum of one year, reflecting our commitment to supporting ventures with a proven track record.

  • Identification
    Ensure a smooth financial journey by having a valid means of identification, a vital element in securing seamless access to the financial solutions you seek.

  • Credit Confidence
    Unlock financial opportunities with strong support from credit history, providing you with the confidence needed for your aspirations.

  • Transparent Pathways
    Navigate with clarity as loans are subject to credit approval, and additional conditions may apply.

Savings Application Process: Step by Step

Experience an application process built on trust, efficiency, and your unique needs

  • 1

    Apply Online
    Fill in our easy online application form

  • 2

    Local Support
    Receive a call within 24 hours to link you to a savings officer/branch closest to your business location

  • 3

    Account Activation
    Provide requirements and receive account number within 24 hours

Start your application

Applying is a straightforward and convenient process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elevate your financial well-being by effortlessly opening a Savings account at any nearby FINCA branch and relish the security and growth of your money

Inclusivity is our priority! With a deposit-friendly approach, FINCA crafted the Savings Account, allowing you to start with as little as N1,000, encouraging everyone to embrace the savings culture in Nigeria.

Safeguard your savings while enjoying the thrill of a competitive interest rate and unlimited access, all without the burden of monthly account maintenance charges. Join us in a hassle-free savings experience!

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