Eucharia Nwanguma

New hope and opportunity came to Nigeria—the world’s eighth most populous nation—with the opening in early December of the first branch of FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd, in Owerri, Imo State.


Roqia, a 20-year old woman who lives with her parents and six younger children in Sharak-e-Awlya in Mazar-e- Sharif in northern Afghanistan, tells her story in her own words

Jesca Makumbi

Jesca Makumbi is a 34-year-old mother who shares her life with her husband and son named Goodluck in Kitunda, Tanzania. Life had been going well for the young couple until 1999, when her mother died, leaving Jesca not only with the pain of losing her, but with the responsibility of raising her three siblings.

Rashid Ali

Rashid Ali describes growing up in a very poor household where his father struggled to support the family. Even though he was a good student, Mr. Ali decided to drop out of school and help his father, sacrificing his own chance at an education so that his younger siblings could stay in school.

Josefina Figueroa Rigas

33 years ago Josefina Figueroa Rigas started a bakery that she named “Panadería Chazumba” in Oaxaca, Mexico. The location was small, with only a single wood stove for all the baking, yet, despite these challenges, Josefina persevered.

Higmatulo Karimov

Higmatulo Karimov is a 47-year-old father of five who lives in Yavan with his family. He is the proud owner of his own animal husbandry business, raising cattle, sheep, and horses, and also an agricultural business through which he processes and sells milk and grain products.

Margarette Nivose

Margarette first became a FINCA client in 2006, because she wanted to give her three children a better life. Her big dream was that her children would go to school so they could have a better future.

Victoria Banda

Victoria Banda is 36 years old, but she did not finish primary or secondary school. She is now the main income earner for her household, including her parents and two sisters. She used her first loan of $20 to expand food sales through her storefront.

Madina Namanda

Amidst the expanse of prickly green leaves and hazy blue sky, a lone woman can be seen moving along with ease. Guided by instinct and experience, she spots what she is looking for – a perfectly ripe pineapple.

Ana Huayta

My name is Ana Huayta and I’ve been a FINCA client in Quito, Ecuador, for about 15 years. Not long ago, my son Mateo was playing soccer with his cousins ​​and, unfortunately, broke his leg. In that moment, I was desperate because I didn’t know how I would pay the hospital because I had no money.

Titiwa Mwanji

Titiwa Mwanji and her husband have two children and another one on the way. They’re excited, not worried, because Titiwa’s business is booming.

Rosa León Martinez

When Rosa León Martínez first came to FINCA, she and her young children were struggling to get by. Rosa owned a small ceramic business, but, without the necessary capital, was unable to make a profit and get ahead.