FINCA was founded by John Hatch in 1984 and pioneered the “village banking method” of credit delivery, now used by hundreds of organizations worldwide. Village banking method brings together groups of between 10 to 25 people in a community or market who guarantee small loans to each other.

FINCA is a leading international Microfinance Institution offering financial services and products to small scale businesses that have been turned down by traditional banks, so that these businesses can start, grow, and diversify with resulting increases in family income, nutrition, employment and well-being.

FINCA operates using sound business principles and an entrepreneurial spirit. We have developed a very innovative organizational structure that set a new standard for the microfinance industry which allows us to mobilize private and commercial capital while keeping true to our mission. We deliver a real “double bottom line” that couples positive social impact with financial sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to combat poverty by creating employment, raising family incomes and reducing poverty world-wide.

FINCA’s mission is to provide financial services to the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs build assets and improve their standard of living.

FINCA’s vision is to be a global microfinance network collectively serving more low-income entrepreneurs than any other microfinance institution while operating on commercial principles of performance and sustainability.

Today FINCA has grown into a global network spanning four regions (Africa, Eurasia, Latin America and Greater Middle East) with 20 subsidiaries and serving over 2.6 million people. FINCA offers an array of financial products and services to its clients including enterprise financing, savings, remittance services, micro insurance, rural/agricultural finance, sharia-compliant loans, micro-energy loans, and financial education. Our Products and their terms and conditions are adapted to each market context, so we may achieve our mission of improving the livelihoods of low-income individuals and their families while ensuring sustainability of operations.

Our programs reach low-income people in more diverse countries than any other microfinance provider with over 30 years’ experience in microfinance. Our work enables low-income families to create their own solutions to progress.

FINCA brings new life-enhancement services to clients and engages in cutting-edge research to track the benefits to clients, allowing FINCA to better serve them

The first FINCA operations on the continent were in Uganda in 1992. The first village bank group created in Uganda in 1992 by our Global President and CEO, Mr. Rupert Scofield, is still running and its members are happy clients of FINCA. Since then FINCA Africa has expanded its outreach to Malawi (1994), Tanzania (1998), Zambia (2001) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (2003). Now we are in Nigeria (2014).

FINCA Africa has continuously focused on refining key aspect of its business: physical and organizational infrastructure, information technology systems, products, policies and procedures, and the focus on customer centricity, resulting in strong and sustained growth in portfolio and outreach.

Africa has engaged in developing new electronic channels to increase client accessibility to our services, to allow us to efficiently scale up our services, and to effectively service the different market segments we would like to reach out to. We are developing new channels in different subsidiaries to gain the experience necessary to export the most effective ones to other subsidiaries.

FINCA Microfinance bank LTD
FINCA started operations in Nigeria as FINCA Microfinance Bank LTD in 2014 with headquarters in Owerri Imo state and has plans for strategic expansion to all southeastern states and southwest region of Nigeria.

FINCA microfinance bank LTD has a strategic diverse mix of goal oriented and performance driven management team and employees.


  • Providing financial services to micro and small enterprises.
  • Providing market- and mission-led products, with a focus on a set of core products – credit, savings, insurance and payment services – benefiting clients and delivered through efficient branch and non-branch channels.


  • We are a commercial enterprise with a strong social mission. Our mission drives the business, and whilst giving access to finance for the world’s lowest income is still our primary role, our responsibility extends into helping people and communities build better lives.
  • High quality customer service that is respectful and supportive, and acknowledges that every individual has different circumstances
  • We provide access to flexible finance that helps our clients achieve their life goals – build a business, improve their living conditions or invest in education for their children.
  • We provide our services on commercial terms to make our operations sustainable and to support our outreach to even more financially excluded populations.
  • Our lending puts special emphasis on Customer Protection Principles: to avoid over-indebtedness, transparency in our operational terms, responsible pricing, fair and respectful treatment during our collection practices, ethical staff behavior, mechanisms to redress grievances, privacy of client data.


  • Fair, respectful and supportive treatment of everyone irrespective of their different circumstances.
  • A simplified process to apply for loans, save and withdraw funds.
  • Support that helps them make the best of their money e.g. training in business or finance management.
  • Rewards for good credit and savings behavior and loyalty to FINCA Microfinance Bank.
  • A fair rate of interest on the loans they are issued
  • Fair interest rate on their savings and deposit
  • Easy to access and operate savings products with minimal procedure and restrictions, allowing us to reach out to the financially excluded or underserved segments in Owerri.
  • Access to different products and services, to help improve other areas of their lives.