School Improvement Loan

School growth with affordable support

Reimagine your school’s tomorrow with financing that delivers a strategic partnership and shapes a brighter future for your institution.

Elevate Education Effortlessly

Unlock the potential to enhance your schools and invest in what truly shapes your students’ education.

  • Your Finances, Your Terms
    Discover a loan designed with you in mind, offering a termly repayment plan, competitive rates, and flexibility aligned with one academic session.

  • Tailored Solution
    Uniquely designed for educational institutions seeking a termly repayment plan, competitive rates, and a maturity term extending up to one full academic session.

  • Seamless Financial Empowerment
    Access working capital and school assets effortlessly with our facilities – no savings required, just straightforward financial support.

  • Flexible Repayment
    With our Flexible Repayment Plan, we recognize the academic calendar with a termly repayment structure.

Your Financial Ally – more than just loans

Enjoy complimentary business and financial advisory services, making informed decisions with our free consulting.

  • Educational Empowerment
    Invest in your students’ education with financial literacy resources and access to school fees loans, empowering their academic journey with our comprehensive support.

Simplified Qualification, Transparent Journey

Our transparent and responsible loan qualification process reflects our commitment to supporting school owners on their journey to financial empowerment.

  • Age Criteria
    Unlock financial backing at 18 or older, ensuring steadfast support for your aspirations.

  • Locally Rooted
    For eligibility, the school must be located in Imo State and in operation for a minimum of one year.

  • ID Ready
    Ensure a smooth journey by having a valid identification ready for a seamless application process, eliminating hurdles on your path.

  • School Registration
    Our financing process requires essential school registration documents, ensuring a straightforward and comprehensive application.

  • Trust in Support
    Experience assurance in your financial journey by securing a guarantor to support your school improvement endeavors.

  • Credit Confidence
    Unlock financial opportunities with strong support from credit history, providing you with the confidence needed for your aspirations.

Apply for a Loan

Applying for a loan with us is a straightforward and convenient process

  • 1

    Apply Online
    Fill in our easy online application form.

  • 2

    Our team will contact you
    Reaching out for identification verification within 48 hours and link you to a loan officer/branch closest to your business location.

  • 3

    Credit decision/approvals
    Our loan officer will coordinate a branch visit where you’ll get more details about the contract terms and conditions and sign the contract.

  • 4

    You’ll get the fund in your account within 5 business days.

Start your application

Applying for a loan with us is a straightforward and convenient process

Frequently Asked Questions

No upfront savings is needed to accessing loans from us

Unfortunately, we do not currently provide start-up loans

Our processing time is typically around 4 to 5 business days

Monthly repayments depend on the approved loan period and amount

the loan amount depends on your unique requirements and your capacity to repay

For the school improvement loan, the only collateral required is your school assets and household pledges, ensuring a straightforward and asset-focused lending process

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