Instant Savings Account

Secure tomorrow, today with instant savings

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited deposits and withdrawals, securing your financial tomorrow effortlessly.

Easy Access, Easy Savings

Open an account with ease and enjoy unlimited access to deposit or withdraw, simplifying your financial transactions.

  • Maintenance-Free Banking
    Open your account with just your BVN – no compulsory need for additional means of identification.

  • Confident Investments
    Invest with confidence in the guarantee of safety and growth.

  • Transparent Investment Journey
    Navigate your investment journey confidently with transparency in pricing, terms, and conditions.

Streamlined Account Opening

Embark on your financial journey with ease by meeting our streamlined account opening requirements.

  • BVN, Your Identifier
    Simplify your banking experience with the Bank Verification Number (BVN) – your unique identifier that ensures seamless and secure financial transactions.

  • Proof of Identification
    Provide a valid form of identification– National ID, allowing you to secure your account quickly.

  • Residence Validation
    Validate your residence with ease using your utility bill (energy, water, etc.) – your gateway to a streamlined account setup process.

  • Simple Application
    Complete your journey with simplicity by filling out our application form – your key to officially joining our financial community.

Savings Application Process: Step by Step

Experience an application process built on trust, efficiency, and your unique needs.

  • 1

    Apply Online
    Fill in our easy online application form.

  • 2

    Local Support
    Receive a call within 24 hours to link you to a savings officer/branch closest to your business location.

  • 3

    Account Activation
    Provide requirements and receive account number within 24 hours.

Start your application

Applying is a straightforward and convenient process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elevate your financial well-being by effortlessly opening a Savings account at any nearby FINCA branch and relish the security and growth of your money

Inclusivity is our priority! With a deposit-friendly approach, FINCA crafted the Savings Account, allowing you to start with as little as N1,000, encouraging everyone to embrace the savings culture in Nigeria.

Safeguard your savings while enjoying the thrill of a competitive interest rate and unlimited access, all without the burden of monthly account maintenance charges. Join us in a hassle-free savings experience!

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