FINCA Corporate Account

Secure your business finances with confidence

Experience peace of mind and achieve business financial goals with our convenient corporate account.

Unlock Business Success

The streamlined and efficient solution for setting aside funds, ensuring readiness for future business needs and aspirations.

  • Separate Finances
    Improve credibility and professionalism by separating business and personal finances.

  • Maximize Opportunities
    Unlock growth with higher investment options and substantial loans, expanding projects with financing up to N15,000,000

  • Liability Protection
    Safeguard your business against losses with NDIC insurance, offering a last line of defense.

  • Efficient Records
    Keep track of transactions, expenses, and cash flow for strategic decision-making and future business growth.

  • Seamless Payments
    Support your ambitions with hassle-free payment solutions, accepting customer payments effortlessly.

Account Essentials

We simplify the process, ensuring you have everything you need to kickstart your financial experience.

  • Incorporation Certificate: Present your Certificate of Incorporation for a smooth account opening process.

  • Board Resolution: Submit a Board resolution to facilitate the account opening with clarity and precision.

  • Signatories’ ID: Provide valid means of identification for all signatories involved in the account.

  • Memorandum & Articles: Include the Memorandum and Articles of Association for Limited Liabilities in your application.

  • Association Laws: For associations, submit the Constitution or Bye laws governing your organization.

  • Mandate Resolution
    Submit a Board resolution with a mandate to open the account for added clarity.

  • Registration Evidence
    Include evidence of registration to support and expedite the account opening process.

  • Forms CO2 and CO7: Submit Forms CO2 and CO7 for a comprehensive account opening process.

  • Company Address Proof: Provide proof of your company’s address for accurate record-keeping.

  • Director’s Address Proof: Submit proof of address for all signatories and directors listed on the account opening form.

Savings Application Process: Step by Step

Experience an application process built on trust, efficiency, and your unique needs.

  • 1

    Apply Online
    Fill in our easy online application form.

  • 2

    Local Support
    Receive a call within 24 hours to link you to a savings officer/branch closest to your business location.

  • 3

    Account Activation
    Provide requirements and receive account number within 24 hours.

Start your application

Applying is a straightforward and convenient process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elevate your financial well-being by effortlessly opening a Savings account at any nearby FINCA branch and relish the security and growth of your money

Inclusivity is our priority! With a deposit-friendly approach, FINCA crafted the Savings Account, allowing you to start with as little as N1,000, encouraging everyone to embrace the savings culture in Nigeria.

Safeguard your savings while enjoying the thrill of a competitive interest rate and unlimited access, all without the burden of monthly account maintenance charges. Join us in a hassle-free savings experience!

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