March 27, 2017, Owerri: – FINCA Microfinance Bank received an award as “Best Agency Banking Provider 2017. The award is for individuals and businesses operating agency banking in Nigeria. This award was presented to the Chief Executive Officer during the cashless Africa awards & expo organized by Mobile Money Africa in Lagos.

The Principal Associate of Mobile Money Africa, Emmanuel Okoegwale said, “We congratulate all the award winners and it is our sincere hope that the honor will inspire better innovation in 2017 and beyond. The CashlessAfrica awards honor organizations that have made significant contributions to the digital financial services sector and are poised to make considerable market impact in the future. The Awards are dedicated to acknowledging creativity, commitment and excellence in the digital financial services across Africa.

Reacting to the award, the Chief Executive Officer, who was duly represented by the Product/Channel Development & Research Manager, Azeez Ibraheem, expressed profound gratitude to the organizers of the award, noting that FINCA is a microfinance bank that has come with a depth of knowledge in microfinance to change the face of banking with its unconventional approach, focusing on those at the bottom of the pyramid, those under-banked and unbanked. Providing reliable and secured access to financial services is the driving forces behind FINCA launching agency banking for its clients and in future will extend the platform to non-FINCA clients as well. Currently, FINCA clients enjoy unlimited access to FINCA’s services through its agency banking network known as FINCA eXpress. FINCA’s agency banking provides unlimited, secured, reliable and convenient access to financial services that enable FINCA clients to withdraw and make deposit into their accounts, repay their loans, check and print off their bank balances, print their bank statements, transfers funds from their FINCA account to other FINCA accounts and third party deposit without paying for these services or leaving their businesses.

We are grateful to EFInA and MasterCard Worldwide for their support towards FINCA eXpress- our agency banking.

He went further to say, “To the Nigeria market, FINCA will continue to offer simple but innovative financial solutions – savings, term deposits, loan products and DFS – to help our clients effectively manage their money, develop savings culture to save for the future and grow their businesses. The FINCA value proposition is delivered in the most customer centric manner and all in line with our mission.